Bundelkhand Region spread over in Uttar Pradesh (U.P) and Madhya Pradesh (M.P) is known for its rich and multifaceted culture, priceless archaeological wealth and great historical importance.

The  Betwa  River  traverses a long distance of 654 Km.  from its source near   Bhopal in M.P. upto   its confluence with river Yamuna near
Hamirpur  in U.P. and benefits both the States.  After independence,  the  Government of U.P. undertook the multipurpose  project on river
Betwa at Matatila in 1958.

Betwa  River  Board was constituted in 1976  under the Chairmanship of  Union Minister of  Water  Resources by an Act  of  Parliament to
execute the Rajghat  Dam  Project and Power  House. The Project authority  started construction of the Project under the overall guidance
of the Board  after promulgation of Betwa  River  Board  Act, 1976. The  benefits  and cost of the above Project are shared equally by both
the State Governments.

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